I bought 20 whole certified organic chickens. They ABSOLUTELY Beautiful chickens!! We have had those chickens twice now and EVERY TIME I have been so HAPPY with them!! They are the MOST delicious chickens I have ever had!! SOOOO worth every dollar!! Thank you so much!! I am happy to be your first customer. I cannot wait to see your website!! And refer you to everyone!!

Tina KetlerSOOOO worth every dollar!!

I LOVE this service offered by a wonderful local family. I used to get eggs from my dad out in the county and many were able to enjoy those as well. Since he has stopped being able to provide us with eggs, I’ve been on the search for eggs of the same or at least similar quality. Well, here it is!!! Not only does instahealthBox provide awesome farm fresh eggs, but they also have produce and meat as well. You HAVE to check her out. Seriously. You will be so happy you did.

Josie LoPorto FreebornBest quality eggs around!

Let me start by saying, the skincare products are absolutely amazing! I never struggled with acne or scars on my face…until pregnancy. I have a dark skin complexion and after my son was born, I was left with terrible acne scars. After only a few weeks of added the Ylang-Ylang Black soap and the Hydra-Aloe Toner to my daily facial routine, the scars are almost gone, and I haven’t had any new breakouts. The products feel great on the skin and leave it feeling soft and healthy. The best part is my husband asked if I was wearing makeup, which I wasn’t! So thankful for Maxine, she truly believes in the products she sells and goes above and beyond in her willingness to work with you until you find the perfect product for your skin type. I hope this helps someone get off the fence and give these products a try!

Brenell Dean-Thompson - Windsor ParalegalThe skincare products are absolutely amazing!

This the only soap I use!!! From the exfoliating soaps to the smooth soaps with soothing infusions of lavender. No other soap touches my body. EVERYONE HAS TO TRY THESE PRODUCTS!!!

Angelina from WindsorThis the only soap I use!!!

I have the skin disease C-reactive protein and I’ve used the black soap twice now, yesterday and today. The CRP on my neck was gone by today, on my chest it’s almost completely gone, and it’s way lighter on my chin. I don’t know why I never thought to get soap for myself, I’ve only been getting it for my daughter, but THANK YOU!

Jasmine & daughter from WindsorThe CRP on my neck was gone by today!

I strongly recommend the Nnéka Artisan Creations' body soap. It will invigorate your skin with a light scent and provide you with the moisture your skin craves.

Ivana Marie from MichiganI strongly recommend!

I purchased the tea tree African Black Soap Bar at the carousel village, and I'm IN LOVE with it! It is literally pulling impurities out and the softness of my face is instantly noticeable!
I just bookmarked the website and I will be buying again soon (I'm excited to try the peppermint oil Black soap)?

Courtney Kovacs PhillipsI'm IN LOVE!

The Youth Royal facial oil is amazing! I work in a kitchen so my skin is always losing moisture over a 700* grill, this oil just sinks into my face and doesn’t leave it oily only soft and smooth. Smells amazing also. You won't be disappointed if you try the line of products, as well with dealing with Maxine who is a beautiful lady that is very knowledgeable on all the products she makes from scratch.

Christine LongThis oil just sinks into my face... soft & smooth

Maxine is awesome and the soaps she makes are AMAZING and I highly recommend.
I also recently started buying the organic eggs, they are delicious and I will never buy store by again.

Jennifer MalankaThe soaps she makes are AMAZING

I started a journey of losing weight. I met Maxine at an event and bought her Royal Beauty Soap. When I used it daily, I realized that my skin was soft and it was feeling tighter despite my weight loss! So I grabbed 2 more bars! Love the products!

Helen from LeamingtonSo I grabbed 2 more bars!

Great food and awesome service!! Maxine has gone above and beyond to help me during this pandemic. I recommend this local small business 100%
Thank you
Theresa 😃

Theresa HarveyGreat food and awesome service!!

My sister Natalie and I decided to buy some African Black Soap. My sister said that black soap that she bought in the past made her skin burn badly so she was hesitant to try it. Nneka Artistry Essentials rep let us know that that could have been due to a lack of proper chemistry in the soap making process but that they use precise calculations for safe use on skin. I bought Royal Beauty and the Clove Black Soap. NO BURN for either of us! The soaps are great on my skin. I am loving it!

Meghan Chickee from WindsorThese soaps are great on my skin!