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Ylang Ylang Citrus Soap

  • Let your skin drink in Mother Nature’s Healing Juice!

    Is it time to do some self-care? Well, our organic Ylang-Ylang essential oil and Orange Essential Oil helps in lifting one’s mood! Depression is a difficult battle and taking time to do purposeful self-care throughout our busy days is key. Give this a try when you are in the shower, the aroma will overtake leaving you to enjoy all of its goodness with all of your senses.

    Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil additional benefits include:

    • Balances oil production in the skin
    • Helps battle signs of aging for skin
    • Increases blood flow – combating poor circulation
    • Relieves inflammation
    • The aroma is naturally energizes
    • Lifting someone’s mood
    • Helps to balance hormones
    • Promoting healthy intestinal function when taken in both through the skin and internally