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Bee-Loved Lotion Bar

  • Heavenly Chocolate!!

    We made these luxurious lotion bars with love and... with organic: shea butter, mango butter, organic premium cocoa butter, olive oil, sunflower, and orza sativa oil! Save time and do away with the liquid lotions for a conveniently compact, magnetic tin that goes where you go!

    Replenishes moisture to prevent flaky, dry, and irritated skin

    ✅ Softens skin for the desired radiant, glowing skin

    ✅ Soothe broken skin and severe dry patches because of the antioxidant vitamins, which will nourish and heal your skin from the inside out!

    ✅ Provides a barrier against the elements and fights against TEWL(transepidermal water loss) TEWL happens naturally but is accelerated in times of dry, cold weather and when progresses more rapidly after the age of 25.

    We must lock in as much hydration to prevent or prolong wrinkling.