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The most nutritious beef are raised the way Mother Nature intended it!

Our beef is:

  • Raised on free-range pasture year round. In the winter, they are provided with shelter to keep them safe but are free to roam if they please
  • They are not given any hormones or antibiotics because we know that these practices are proven to have ill health effects. We only provide meat from farmers that put health at the forefront of their practices – farming the old fashion way – the way MOTHER NATURE intended!

The finished meat is packed with nutrition for you and your family to enjoy.

Instahealth Box ensures our partnered farmers and raise their cattle with care and kindness!

We also we dry-age our meat to ensure layers of “to-die-for” flavour and tenderness.

When you understand the heart of our founder, Maxine Shelton, you will know the strong passion she has to see healthier people in her communities, you will be assured that as you purchase our food, it is the healthiest source on the market, safely handled and is of prime quality.

There is no comparison to supermarket meat at all! You get fresh, dry-aged, well cared for beef that his high in Omega 3, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, is lower in cholesterol, is lower in fat, and tastes delicious!


We buy directly from farms that adhere to our strict farming standard of health, ethics, and environmental practices. We care how the animals are treated from birth to the fields to your plate! We care about how it affects our environment and ethical standards must be high. And with these things monitored, we bring the most nutritious food to our community while respecting our animals and taking care of Mother Nature.

When we buying local, we help family farms, and there is far less fuel being used for transportation, therefore reducing the Co2 in the atmosphere. Furthermore, we deal with farmers that farm mindful of the farming effects of the carbon footprint and they work to minimize it.

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Our Cows are NOT FED CORN! The main diet of our cows consists of grass from our pastures. In the off-season they are fed hay cut from the pasture, alfalfa, and barley. Our pastures are not sprayed with anything. It is free of insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides. They roam free except on really cold days where they are kept sheltered for safety.

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Our farmer has mastered cattle farming and has an impeccable health protocol that keeps cattle free from stress, hormones, and synthetic antibiotics. You can be sure that we can track your cattle from the fields all the way to your kitchen table!

Environmentally Friendly & We Support Local!

We process our cattle at a government inspected butcher that is local. So hen you support us, you also support the local butcher family and their employees. Our butcher is amazing and makes sure your cuts are well done and the waste is minimal. The meat is traditionally wrapped in brown paper. It is best fresh-frozen to keep it safe from developing bacteria, yet preserving the freshness!

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