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Meet The Team

Meet the Founder

As a health and fitness professional that believes in eating clean, I wasn't immune from sickness. After being diagnosed with a deadly autoimmune illness as a single mother of a little daughter, I started studying medical journals, gaining much knowledge, made drastic changes to my diet/lifestyle and started  the process of ridding myself and my family's life of toxic products and processed foods.

I began to see that even the 'non-toxic' or 'natural' product didn't meet my new standard.  This is when I started to study chemistry and cosmetic formulation to master the trade. I then started producing the cleanest beauty and hair products, with health at the forefront of my formulations' focus, essentially, in order to beat seemingly inevitable death.

Guess what, I BEAT IT! I met my husband in the thick of it, who had a weight loss journey in which he lost 150lbs to date. Together we charge forward providing my handmade, health-focused product selection worldwide while sharing encouragement & my wisdom, accumulated health and medical knowledge along the way.

~ Maxine Ebegbuzie-Shelton