About us

We are a family passionate about health and fitness – Formulating the best skin care products with health benefits at the forfront of our focus.

Meet Our Team

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CEO & Skin Care Formulator

Maxine Ebegbuzie-Shelton

Live your best life despite it all! This is what I did in the midst of sickness. I learned just how much living an all-natural life significantly impacts our internal health and the added bonus is it produced amazing results in my appearance and internal well-being. It should be available, affordable for all. This is my inspiration!

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Head of Logistics

Nate Shelton

After a journey of weight loss, and acid reflux issues, I lost over 100 lbs and started a life on a path of healing. I met my beautiful wife who has taken it to another level. Her expertise and diligence in sourcing the best of the best, and her ability to teach others how to cook tasty meals make me a proud husband and co-owner.
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Web Management & Inventory

Nwanneka Baraka Ebegbuzie

I am excited about having access to fresh farm foods 24/7. As a teen, I am always hungry and how amazing is it to have a variety of the healthiest foods at my fingertip! Everyone I know will know about Instahealth Box!

The Inspiration Behind our Line

Why We Launched

Maxine Shelton is a health and fitness professional that believes in eating clean. Seeing the importance of both putting only good things in our body and on your skin, I decided many years ago to make my own products for myself, daughter, family, and friends. I’ve decided to share my health-focused products for skin and body with anyone interested. I love helping people and each career I’ve done, any initiative I participate in is centered on just that. This is no different. I get to share this journey with my husband Nate who has lost over 100 lbs on his health journey; seeking a better quality of life and my daughter who is very active and health focused at a young age. As you can see I am very invested in what we do!

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Go Clean or Go Home!

Clean, High Quality Ingredients

All products are free from phthalates, parabens, SLS, and harmful dies. We source only the highest quality non-GMO, Organic ingredients because we value quality above all. We want our customers to purchase with confidence that all products that they chose for their self and family are adding to the health of their skin and internal well-being.

Innovation Backed By Science

Detailed Study and Understanding

Our products are made with the science and study of the fatty acid properties/profiles, the study of health benefits of herbs and infusions. With precise care in chemistry calculations, herbs, ingredients and infusions are chosen for best results in various skin conditions as well as the use of superfood and essential oils for internal health, you can be confident that you are treating yourself with the best while pampering yourself with our body & grooming products.

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I started a journey of losing weight. I met Maxine at an event and bought her Royal Beauty Soap. When I used it daily, I realized that my skin was soft and it was feeling tighter despite my weight loss! So I grabbed 2 more bars! Love the products!

Helen from LeamingtonSo I grabbed 2 more bars!

My sister Natalie and I decided to buy some African Black Soap. My sister said that black soap that she bought in the past made her skin burn badly so she was hesitant to try it. Nneka Artistry Essentials rep let us know that that could have been due to a lack of proper chemistry in the soap making process but that they use precise calculations for safe use on skin. I bought Royal Beauty and the Clove Black Soap. NO BURN for either of us! The soaps are great on my skin. I am loving it!

Meghan Chickee from WindsorThese soaps are great on my skin!

This the only soap I use!!! From the exfoliating soaps to the smooth soaps with soothing infusions of lavender. No other soap touches my body. EVERYONE HAS TO TRY THESE PRODUCTS!!!

Angelina from WindsorThis the only soap I use!!!

I have the skin disease C-reactive protein and I’ve used the black soap twice now, yesterday and today. The CRP on my neck was gone by today, on my chest it’s almost completely gone, and it’s way lighter on my chin. I don’t know why I never thought to get soap for myself, I’ve only been getting it for my daughter, but THANK YOU!

Jasmine & daughter from WindsorThe CRP on my neck was gone by today!

I strongly recommend the Nnéka Artisan Creations' body soap. It will invigorate your skin with a light scent and provide you with the moisture your skin craves.

Ivana Marie from MichiganI strongly recommend!