Try Our Delux Mixed Meat Box!


Choose from one of our  3 subscription plans or or start your risk-free one-time box. You save $25 when you subscribe (that’s over 8 free servings)!  Enjoy 74 standard servings of meat conveniently delivered right to your door on our next shipment day. Don’t forget to add some kefir, yogurt or kombucha to your order for gut healthy bacteria to jumpstart your immune system!

Meat Mixer Box

Meat Mixer Box 1








Twelve Weeks

Our Delux Meat Mixer Box is top of the line!

A deluxe selection to have on hand so you can create a number of mouthwatering meals. It’s convenient, very healthy and the taste is to die for! Save $30 by getting your cuts in this box and get FREE DELIVERY!

Buying locally-produced meats is not only good for the environment, it helps support our local economy, and also helps ensure your foods are produced in the most healthy and sustainable way possible.

Plus, our farmers put their heart into this. You can trust that we raise our meats exactly the way you want them — free-range, drug-free, stress-free, with organic non-GMO plant-based feeds, and with lots of individual care and kindness.  You won’t believe the difference in flavour and nutrient content.