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Instahealth Box uses several certified organic  farmers of fruits and veggies from ontario. We think “local first” and focus on family and community building. From that starting point, we develop market relationships where mutual respect is the foundation.


Wolfgang and Ekkehard

InstahealthBox has a strong relationship with Wolfgang’s farm and employees. Wolfgang grows certified organic vegetables, grains, and legumes near Ontario. InstahealthBox chose them because they are very meticulous in having a close relationship with the soil and the life growing in and around it for over 3o years. What I’ve just said is a gross understatement to how this family farms! The quality is unreal!

They have a strong conviction that a nurturing relationship with their eco-systems is the secret to nutrient-rich, delectable produce that some of our customer’s customers ask for by name.

Wolfgang has been gracious to let us in their network of several family farms that grow as well. Now InstahealthBox packs all of the farmer’s produce and moves it to market from Amhertburg, Essex and beyond! We are happy to market for farms, expanding their reach. It ultimately helps family farmers to focus on growing you tasty, fresh organic produce while we do the rest!

To extend the values of organic farming, their packing facilities use energy efficient technology and environmentally-friendly packaging.

What is great about Wolfgang’s farm is that the expertise they have in ‘nurturing eco-system’ they teach and instill in their community of farmers. So all the produce that you get from InstahealthBox, all farmers utilize this pristine standard to grow high-quality organic produce! Wolfgang believes it is a win for the farmers, and we agree it is also a win win your our customers.

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Customers are subjected to grocery store produce in winter, we say no!

The grocery store produce freshness is subpar even when it is labeled organic. Maxine Shelton, owner of InstahealthBox, as a nutritionist and foodie, says she refuses to leave customers without the same standard of quality, highly nutritious, vitamin rich, tasty produce year round.  As a resulty, for the past 6 years, she worked to set up collaborations with certified organic local and international farms, offering a full range of organic fare all year round.

We 100% source locally in-season supporting our local farmer economy. For out of season crops or those we can’t grow in Ontario, we work with internationals who have the same value set we do, organic farming, community building and fair trade whenever possible.

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Produce’s organic certification follows the Canadian Organic Standard.  The organic standard is regulated by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.  Pro-Cert oversees Wolfgang’s operation and inspect the farms and facilities against the Standard.  They submit documentation outlining our Organic Plan once per year and as updates are made including their plan for international producers.  Mid growing season they are inspected by a verification officer.  Organic certification and their detailed organic plan is why InstahealthBox has partnered closely. We can verify that their practices on the farm are truly organic!

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Pfenning’s Organic Vegetables follows the CanadaGAP food safety program for fresh fruits and vegetables.  They hire a certification body, NSF-GFTC, to inspect the production and packing facilities annually against the CanadaGAP Standard for Option C.

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