Dairy-Free Coq Au Vin Recipe (also Alcohol-Free & Family-Friendly)

The elegant French name, longer cooking time, and use of wine can make Coq Au Vin seem intimidating. But it really is a dish that anyone can cook. And with the dairy-free, alcohol-free recipe below, anyone can enjoy it – even the kids! We have included an adult’s only option in the writing below, but as is, it’s a family-friendly, one-pot dish.Coq Au Vin that’s Dairy-Free & Alcohol-Free, for the Whole FamilyThis recipe was inspired by Disney and Pixar’s Ratatouille, and shared with us by the Chefs at Dole. It uses the classic process of deglazing to add more depth in flavor. Liquid is added to the pan after the meat and vegetables have been sautéed and removed from the pan. The liquid is then heated to release thosee highly flavorful brown bits on the bottom of the pan known as fond.To keep it kid-friendly, pair this dish with 100% cranberry juice or 100% pomegranate juice, served in a wine glass or Champagne flute for added French flair. If it’s a date night, you can substitute red wine for the grape juice, and pour two more glasses for serving.Special Diet Notes: Dairy-Free Coq Au VinBy ingredients, this recipe is dairy-free / non-dairy, egg-free, nut-free, peanut-free, and soy-free.For gluten-free, dairy-free coq au vin, you can use gluten-free all-purpose flour or 2 tablespoons cashews ground into flour in place of the flour.Dairy-Free Coq Au Vin (Family-Friendly Version)  Total time 1 hour 30 mins Author: DoleRecipe type: EntreeCuisine: French2 tablespoons dairy-free buttery spread (can sub olive oil)1½ pounds boneless, skinless chicken breasts3 stalks celery, chopped2 medium carrots, chopped1 medium white onion, chopped2 garlic cloves, minced3 tablespoons tomato paste2 cups low-sodium chicken broth½ cup 100% red grape juice¼ cup lemon juice (about 1 large lemon)2 teaspoons chopped fresh thyme, plus additional for garnish1 teaspoon chopped fresh rosemary¾ teaspoon kosher salt½ teaspoon ground black pepper2 cups quartered mushrooms1 tablespoon all-purpose flourHeat 1 tablespoon buttery spread in a large enamel-coated Dutch oven over medium-high heat. Add the chicken and cook for 6 minutes or until browned, turning once. Transfer the chicken to a plate.Add the celery, carrots, and onion to the pot and cook for 6 minutes or until the vegetables are tender, stirring occasionally. Add the garlic, and cook for 30 seconds, stirring frequently. Add the tomato paste and cook for 30 seconds, stirring constantly. Add the broth, grape juice, lemon juice, thyme, rosemary, salt, and pepper. Heat to a simmer, scraping the browned bits from the bottom of the Dutch oven with a wooden spoon. Reduce the heat to low, add the chicken, cover and cook for 20 minutes, or until internal temperature of chicken reaches 165°F and the vegetables are tender.Stir in the mushrooms. Cover and cook for 15 minutes or until the mushrooms are tender. Transfer the chicken to a plate, and cover to keep warm.Whisk the flour and remaining 1 tablespoon buttery spread in a small bowl. Stir the roux into the mixture in your pot. Increase the heat to medium, and cook for 10 minutes or until thickened, stirring occasionally.Cut the chicken into large pieces. Add the chicken to the pot and cook for 3 minutes or until heated through.Serve the Coq au Vin garnished with thyme, if desired. Serving size: 1⅓ cups Calories: 205 Fat: 6g Saturated fat: 2g Carbohydrates: 12g Sugar: 7g Sodium: 564mg Fiber: 2g Protein: 25g Cholesterol: 63mg3.5.3229More Dairy-Free Versions of Popular French RecipesDauphinoise PotatoesDairy-Free Strawberry CrepesVegan French Onion Soup

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