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Frank-n-Myrrh Soap

  • Fit for the Royals!

    We are so excited about this new creation! I decided to use only organic carrier oils in my formulation as well as the highest quality resins sourced from the middle east and Africa! Myrrh Essential oil and Frankincense essential oil is so expensive that it is rare to find them formulated in soap products but look no further! We use 100% Organic too!

    The formulator at Nnéka Artisan Creations is highly interested in ancient beauty ingredients used by the most affluent royals. It just so happens that the 3 wise men that gave frankincense and myrrh to Jesus as a baby was a very wise gift indeed. They gifted the most expensive oils with super powerful healing properties for both skin and internal wellbeing! Still, today, these 2 oils are touted for their healing and antiaging effects.