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Live Cold Brew Tea Kombucha is Guelph’s 1st brewed fermented Kombucha Tea, a fermented tea full of probiotics, flavoured with fresh fruit juices and naturally carbonated. We are committed to brewing the highest quality cold brew tea, with the most delicious flavours. We value nutrition, health, and environmentally sustainable methods.

InstahealthBox stocks Live Kombucha because they are constantly ahead of the rest! Here is why there is no other amazing Kombucha like what we provide locally.

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Instead of a hot extraction, we now use a longer cold extraction. This maintains vitamins and offers more polyphenols. It achieves a smoother taste and lowers our production’s carbon footprint


To ensure consumer transparency, the sugars we list on our label represent the pre-fermentation value. Much of this is consumed through the fermentation process. Now, because we are using cold extraction, the tea is more nutrient dense and has a sweeter taste profile. This means we can use less sugar whilst keeping the fermentation culture happy. Each serving now has 3g less sugar than before!


This isn’t actually new. They’ve always added Aussie Trace Minerals to their kombucha. On the ingredient label, it reads “evaporated trace minerals” which means that in each bottle of Live Cold Brew Kombucha, are 74 naturally occurring trace minerals from the sea. This is low in sodium, high in calcium and magnesium. Aussie Trace Minerals provides the mineral needs of the fermenting culture as well as the important mineral needs of the consumer.


Live Cold Brew Kombucha is and always has been 100% undiluted. The industry standard is 20% kombucha and 80% water.


The carbonation is our kombucha is 100% due to to secondary fermentation activation after bottling and kegging. Many brands force carbonate their product to save time.


We have crystal charged every batch of kombucha using high energy crystals for those who are energetically inclined and need an increase in their frequency for wellbeing.

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With so many benefits, amazing flavour, and an overall contribution to wellbeing, we often wonder, why not kombucha?!

So what is kombucha exactly? Kombucha is a fermented tea full of probiotics, flavoured with fresh fruit juices and naturally carbonated. Known as a natural healing elixir, kombucha originated in China in 220 BC and has since become popular in Japan and Russia. It has recently been gaining popularity in North America and Europe due to its wide array of reported health benefits.

Kombucha is made by fermentation of yeast and bacterial culture in a mixture of tea, sugar, and fruit juices, resulting in a slightly acidic beverage that contains plenty of “good” bacteria, just like yogurt! The culture is referred to as a “SCOBY”, a Serendipitous Culture Of Bacteria and Yeasts.

Some of the most frequently reported health benefits include detox and cleansing effects, reduction of intestinal symptoms, balancing intestinal flora, a defense bladder and kidney infection, and produce an antibiotic effect that can help the body fight harmful bacteria, viruses, and yeasts.

Learn more about kombucha and it’s health benefits in this Report from Food Research International.

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InstahealthBox provides Kombucha in Kegs for parties, banquet halls, special events, restaurants and businesses. No other kombucha supplier in Canada distributes tea in kegs! Live Kombucha is an ideal healthy alternative to alcohol when you’re out with friends, or it can be mixed to make a mean cocktail.

In addition, congruent with the current global initiative to reduce waste, our kegs result in a movement away from disposable containers and moving towards reusable, glass or stainless steel, products.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about Live Kombucha on tap.

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