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Certified Organic Produce

We believe in only providing the best of what local has to offer year round by delivering to you local, certified organic produce, in season and non-local certified organic produce in the winter months.

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Premium Organic Meats

We partnered with local farms that provide top of the line breeds like Black Angus, Tamworth Pig, Lamb and certified organic chickens. Instahealth’s partnered farms raise their animals in the most humane and healthiest way; made to be most flavourful, tender, heart healthy and highly nutritious.

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Know Your Food Source

We have a close relationship with all of our farmer and through research, landed on 13 farms that have impeccable farming standards and practices. From grassfed & grass-finished Black Angus and lamb, pasture raised, free run, pork, chicken and eggs, all stress-free, antibiotic and hormone free. Our family-run produce farmers are certified to grow the best Canada has to offer and do it with excellence.

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We Support Local

By subscribing with InstahealthBox, you are supporting many small local farmers who don’t have the time to market to a broader audience. Because of InstahealthBox, they are able to do what farmers do best while we expand their borders and help flourish their business, delivering their great products right to your door.

Breakfast Boxes

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Produce Boxes


Meat Boxes

Meat Boxes
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Always Fresh

All our produce is freshly picked the same week and our meat is freshly cut at our partnered butcher for ultimate freshness!

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Your produce is delivered in a reusable bin and meat is wrapped in recyclable paper. Recyclable plastic is used to a minimum.

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We Deliver To Your Door

We want you to experience farm-fresh, nutrient-rich food in the most convenient way for your whole family to enjoy.

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Organically Produced

Food should be healing! Rest assured our growers farm like our great-grandparents used to, free of unnatural practices and great for holistic health.

It’s what your tongue wants and your body needs!


Save with every purchase when you subscribe to our box program!

Local Farm Products

  • Sale!

    Ground Heritage Pork – Organic & Pasture-Raised

  • Sale!

    Angus Ground Beef – Grassfed & Organic

  • Sale!

    Goat – Bone-in Stew Cubes (10lbs)

    $150.00 $140.00
  • Sale!

    Goat – Bone-in Stew Cubes (15lbs)

    $225.00 $195.00
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Local Beauty Products

  • Sale!

    Gentle Aloe Soap Bar

  • Sale!

    African Black Soap – Lavender-Tea Tree w/Aloe & Rose Water

    $9.00 $8.00
  • Sale!

    African Black Soap – Ylang Ylang w/Aloe & Rose Water

    $11.00 $10.00
  • Sale!

    African Black Soap (Oily/Acne Prone) 3-Step System

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